• Sebastian Ward
  • it's the shirt.
  • unmatched reach, all-day tuck
  • comfort in elegance
  • if your face is a portrait, your collar is a frame
The New Standard in Men’s Dress Shirts
Stylish and Comfortable
A Substantial Collar
Inspired by the high-standing collars typically found on high-end Italian dress shirts, ours is uniquely curved and cut to provide a distinctive roll when worn with a tie. Worn tieless, the collar’s structure allows it to stand tall, drawing attention to your face.
Fitted Cuffs
Cut long and trim, our cuffs are designed to always stop at the wrist regardless of the wearer’s arm length. This results in a consistently tailored look which is especially noticeable when paired with a blazer.
A Lasting Tuck
With a traditionally cut tail providing the wearer with extra length, our shirt is designed to maintain its tuck at all times. The extra length causes any tension applied to the tail when seated to actually reset the tuck.
Superior Fit
Trim cut. Lengthened tail. High armholes. Darted back. Extended sleeves. Immobile cuffs. These unique characteristics enable a natural mobility and precisely tailored aesthetic for tall, athletic men.
Impeccable Quality
Manufactured in the USA of exquisite Italian Poplin and with custom milled Australian Mother of Pearl Buttons, you will feel the difference from the moment you touch the shirt for the first time and throughout the life of the shirt.
At an Incredible Value
By shipping direct to you instead of selling in a traditional retail store, we can afford to give you prices more than 50% lower than a shirt of comparable quality.
The Most Versatile Dress Shirt in Your Wardrobe
But don't take our word for it:
"It’s the shirt that you want to wear, fits right, and somehow makes you feel especially put together."

Christopher Hogan

Off The Cuff
"I love the fit and the collar. I love wearing it unironed with a sports coat. I love wearing it untucked. I like the message simplification. Of wearing this shirt everyday for the rest of my life."

Walter Clapp

Washington, DC
"I have shirts from Zegna, Cucinelli, Tom Ford, etc, and this honestly might be my favourite of the bunch."

Anonymous Patron

Styleforum Member