7 Quick Steps for a Hand-Pressed Shirt


What you need:

  1. An iron with good steam output (preheated and filled per manufacturer's requirements)
  2. Standard ironing board (a cheap one)
  3. Padded ironing board cover-extra thick (use a doubled-over towel if this is not handy)
  4. Black coffee (not optional)
  5. A shirt
  6. 7 minutes of time

The Rationale:

There are few simple luxuries that compare to wearing a freshly hand-pressed dress shirt. It inspires a feeling of confidence and security like no other. When ironing a shirt for the day during your morning routine, you need to be fast and efficient so that you can actually get out the door. Start with the firm parts of the shirt (collar, collar band, cuffs and yoke) and then do the thinner body and sleeve panels. This will reduce the amount of handling time on the largest shirt panels that wrinkle the easiest. 

7 Steps in less than 7 Minutes:


1. Lay the collar band down, buttons facing down and collar hanging over the side. Press firmly making sure to iron the top of the plackets, too.


Press firmly, paying attention to not iron any folds into the yoke or body by mistake.


2. Turn the shirt over and lay down the collar. Press down the collar, making sure you iron along the top edge of the collar band.


Press firmly


3. Take a sleeve and iron down a cuff, making sure to iron from the inside, out. Using the tip of the iron to help produce a roll.



When you do this, be sure to press over the inside of the sleeve (where the sleeve joins the cuff).



4. Fit the yoke onto the widest part of your ironing board. Smooth out the body so it fits over the board. Iron down yoke, back panel and the darts from the inside out.


    Now pressing down the back darts is easy: 


    Drape the shirt away from you to reveal a side seam.


    Press down the high functioning areas! Namely:

    4.a The Side Seams (from armpit to hem)


    4.b The Side Gussets


    Drape the shirt away from you so the front panel is presented as much as possible.



    Always pay special attention to the area where the placket joins the collar stand!

    That will make you look more put together when wearing your shirt, unbuttoned.



    5. Repeat steps 2-4 for the other, un-ironed side of the shirt. Starting from the back panel and working your way to the remaining front panel (ironing inside out):

    Since you are using a thick ironing board cover, you just iron the button side of the front placket from the back in one quick motion, rather than threading the iron between each of the buttons. 



    6. You’re done! Just hang until ready to wear. Steam vertically if you have any small touch ups that are bothersome to you. This can add as little as 5 minutes to your morning routine with practice


      7. Enjoy that mighty cup of coffee! 

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