A Minister of Elegance, Tie Your Tie's Franco Minucci

Franco Minucci of Tie Your Tie certainly has a colorful story to tell. Fun fact he actually began his fashion career wholesaling Benetton sweaters from the trunk of his car. Regardless of weather or not that experience influenced his sense of color, its certain to say that S. Minucci's refined palette hits just the right chords subtlety and contrast.

In this Men's Ex article, Franco Minucci provides us with a rare look into the his family life, his home, and more importantly... his closet!

As always, I have tried to make the sentences as readable in English as possible, without omitting the direct Japanese meanings and nuances.

This time I've included a short list of key Japanese words from the original text, in case there are some fellow lovers of translation in the audience!

Without further ado, the translated text (scroll down for the images): 

A Minister of Elegance, Even After Retirement    

Franco Minucci ・ Tie Your Tie Advisor      

引退してなおエレガンスの伝道師  フランコ・ミヌッチ  タイ・ユア・タイ顧問

August 2014 Men's Ex 

8月2014年 メンズ エックス


PAGE 114

Tie Your Tie


Born in 1935. Around the time of his infancy, his family moved to Florence. In 1984, …. he opened Tie Your Tie. His style of tying the smaller blade of the tie, longer than normal, against the soft interlining of a dress shirt, is famous. Lately, he’s become fond of 2.75” wide ties, pursuing a generational sense of classicism. 

La mia risposta è semplice e di qualita

"My responsibility is to simplicity and to quality"

Here with his wife, Gianna, a harmonious shot of the intimate couple (see below for image). The suit he wears if from the tailor, Giovanni Maiano, a living legend whom Franco has known since he was thirteen years old. The suit is sewn from an exclusive Kiton cloth of 14 micron fine wool. He’s wearing his tie in the style he favors with the back blade tied longer than the front.

PAGE 115

A quick snap with his beloved staff! (see below for image)

His company is preparing to set up a necktie workshop in the center of Florence. In spite of his retirement, he checks in here daily. The two older women in the middle wearing bordeaux and grey sweaters are sisters, and responsible for making traditional Italian seven fold ties.

"Even after retiring, S. Minucci frequently visits the Tie Your Tie workshop"

1. Together with his wife, Gianna, right at the time Tie Your Tie opened. Even S. Minucci’s hairstyle hasn’t changed since then!
2. The contents of his closet. The elegant tones are graced with a sense of consolidation. He likes more muted patterned cloth. Maiano is his favorite tailor.
3. For Franco, when it comes to umbrellas, there is but one name: Brigg.
4. He matches the color of his shoes to his belt. For his ties, he prefers unique, neutral colors.
5. He loves wearing tassel slip-ons and split-toe shoes. Each time he orders from his relative in Rome, Marini. 

“He also loves tassel shoes”

Luxury of the extreme highest quality, worn simply.

His coordination consist of a wool-cashmere blend jacket he commissioned from the most famed tailor in Florence, Giovanni Maiano (whom Franco has known since age 13); 200’s Voile shirt from Burini; Rota pants; and shoes from il Micio. On the occasion that he has to greet guests in his home, he greets them with this type of relaxed style. The nuanced softness of his collar and its manner of roll are spot on.

There’s a lot of tips here you should learn about having a profound sense of simplicity!

Tie Your Tie, S. Minucci’s Florence atelier of merely 4 square meters, was opened in 1984. On the start of day one, he would wear something more casual (a tie with a jacket, for instance), than in the evenings (when, for example, he’d wear a navy suit and tie). He was devoted to the pursuit of exuding a nonchalant appearance in the store. At noon, he’d change into different clothes to match the time of day. Dividing [his clothing] into seasons he selects the most appropriate materials and colors, and while taking into consideration the day’s weather, time, and whomever he may be meeting that day. 

Contrary to our expectation that the wardrobe belonging to one of the most elegant Italians around, as a shining example of Western style clothing, “I took my retirement as an opportunity to edit down the number of clothes I own.” Surprisingly, his closet is rather compact. Yet on the other hand, his closet is now a capsule collection, containing only those clothes that are truly important to him. By remaining steadfast to one’s convictions on classicism one will be honed through the years. S. Minucci is the ultimate expression of this process.

Editorial Notes:

“Minucci answers about his long endeavor to achieve a gentleman’s elegance.”

Minucci, who even today is endlessly kind in light of our data collection for this article. What made us happier more than anything else, was to see that he appears to have a great reserve of energy. With the simple coordination of his clothes, the product of his advanced years, I felt that I was looking at the penultimate image of a gentleman’s style. I devote myself to the next 30 years, so that I can one day be a deftly put together old gentleman like him.

Vocabulary (単語)

究極一 Ultimate, supreme

贅沢一 Luxury

僅か一 Small amount, mere, just

坪一 3.95 square yards

随一 greatest, best

統一 uniformity, unity, consolidation, compatible

圧巻— highlight, best part, masterpiece

集大成— completion

研ぎ澄ますー to sharpen, grind, make keen

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