How to Keep Your Wardrobe Simple and Look Great


In today’s world of ebay and online haberdashers, accumulating a myriad of unique clothing items is more convenient than ever. But in such an over saturated clothing market, its easy to let your consumption lose its curation, leaving you to spend hours sifting through conflicted designs.

Is the crippling amount of time you spent getting dressed intended to inspire confidence in yourself or in others?

Luciano Barbera is famously quoted as saying the following:

“The shirt is a triumph of modern life, like the automobile or the web.

It is easy to put on and take off, quick to wash and easy to store. Plus, shirts look great.

A man should own as many shirts as he wishes-the more the better.”

I’m sure this approach works perfectly well for Mr. Barbera. But the truth of the matter is that most of us don’t have the luxury of time afforded to a second generation Italian aristocrat.

Some of the world’s greatest minds (Einstein, Steve Jobs, Barack Obama), have one simple thing in common:

They wear the same outfit every day.


This doesn’t mean you have to incinerate your wardrobe… You just need to realize that the more choices you have available, the more brain power you will expend in getting dressed.

Each morning I spend about 15 minutes getting dressed, but it used to be closer to 30. I would often spend too much time ironing my shirt, or worrying if my shirt and tie were coordinated properly. The returns on that effort were rarely noticeable.  

How Do I Dress Effortlessly?

Plan your outfits and restrict your color options.

Create a blank canvas for yourself. Consider it a triumph if you can bear to make one part of your outfit the same color almost every day. You’ll still have tons of leeway to do creative things with the rest of what you have on - “I guarantee it”.

The fewer decisions you have to make, the less you will suffer from Decision Fatigue.

  • Strip Down
      1. If it takes you longer than 7 minutes to pick a single item then you should consider narrowing your choices.
  • Self-Evaluate
      1. How do you envision yourself?
      2. How does your environment restrict the way you dress?
      3. Don’t incinerate your wardrobe.
      4. Look for brands that align with your aesthetic ideals and stick to a core collection throughout the year.
  • Reconstruct
      1. Decide which category of your wardrobe is easiest to standardize first, and construct a plan for the rest of your wardrobe.
      2. In confronting this, you’ll get a picture of which clothes you care about the most... Let this guide your consumption.

    "Real luxury is understanding quality and having the time to enjoy it."

    -G. Bruce Boyer

    Top Tips

      1. Don’t buy into a brand based on marketing hype, alone. Learn if its backed up with functionality that is valuable to you.
      2. Make sure you know your measurements inside and out.
      3. Always try it on or get flat measurements.

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