'Iron' Your Shirt in LESS THAN 7 Minutes!

The Reasoning

The response to our initial post on ironing your shirt in a mere 7 minutes, received mostly positive replies, and it seems like we helped a lot of people plan their day more effectively.


Several commenters in social media and in forum threads mentioned that 7 minutes is actually quite a lot of time to devote JUST to ironing a shirt.

If you find that your morning is already jammed with routines, here’s a little secret on how to have your Sebastian Ward shirt looking as good as ironed, but WITHOUT ANY IRONING!

Lets begin:

1. This method begins with the end of your normal wash cycle.

2. Take out your wet shirt and set aside for air drying, OR put in dryer for a minute or less, depending on dryer strength.


i) If you can’t wait for your shirt to air-dry, leave it in the dryer an extra 30 seconds to one minute, depending on dryer strength. Check every 30 seconds and make sure your shirts are still slightly damp when they come out, otherwise you’ll create more wrinkles than you started with.

ii) Throwing your shirts in the dryer for any amount of time will shorten their lifespan (see side note at end of this guide).

iii) Doing your shirts all at once (when its not an emergency) will allow you to plan your week more efficiently.

3. Take your shirt out of the dryer. You’re now going to pull it back into shape, softening the hard creases from the spin-cycle, before they fully set in.

4. Make sure you put your shirt on good hanger for this next step.

5. Take your damp shirt (having followed step 1 or 2 from the previous stage)


Pull the collar band smooth 

Pull the Collar Points horizontal to the collar band

Pull each collar point perpendicular to the collar band

Pull the front placket, gripping the collar band with one hand and the placket

with another (repeat for both sides)

Pull along the outer cuff edges, and the thick seam that attaches the cuff

to the sleeve.

Button the collar band fully; Button the top most placket button
Leave the collar leaf up
LESS IMPORTANT (if not taking off your jacket)
Pull across the yoke once or twice
Pull across the front panels
Pull horizontally across the sleeves
Pull in the vertical direction of the sleeves, paying special attention to
the sleeve seam
Pull along the shirt side seams 

6. Once you’ve pulled out the wrinkles, hang your shirt to dry. It will only have some gentle wrinkles in it.

7. Hang your shirt in the highest point in your bathroom (heat rises).

Ideally the shirt should have about 15 or so minutes of passive steaming in the bathroom (give or take 5 minutes depending on how busy your morning is) and make sure the door is closed!

I like to initiate this step and leave my shirt to steam while I make my coffee. YMMV.

8. Remove your shirt from the bathroom and wait until any mild dampness has evaporated.


If there are any wrinkles left in the shirt, your body’s natural heat and moisture will take care of them within an hour or so of wear.

The above method should give you results that are comparable to ironing, all without taking any time out of your morning routine.

If you need an even faster method than the one above, we’d recommend this steam closet (Swash, $500 USD).

Aside: If you’re the kind of person who obsesses about extending the lifespan of your clothing, you’ll especially like this method because it uses much gentler heat than direct ironing does. Less heat = less fabric degradation.

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