Growing up in Manhattan, Christopher’s first exposure to menswear was through the people who raised him: his mother (who went to the same Florentine tailors as his godfather), and his father (a writer and squash pro who exemplified the heyday of ivy style).

After purchasing his first dress shirts from an Upper East Side haberdashery, $70 on clearance marked down from $600 MSRP, Christopher started to question what gave an article of clothing its true value. He began to design a dress shirt that is equally elegant and more functional although for the time it was just a side project.

After finishing his master's in Japanese, Christopher had dinner with Konrad, a childhood friend who was working as a management consultant. Konrad introduced him to Alika, a financier and all around sartorial enthusiast.  

Christopher’s designs for a better shirt resonated with Konrad and Alika, who shared his frustration about most ready-to-wear dress shirts. They encouraged Christopher to realize his designs and now work together towards a shared vision.  


We began with Christopher sewing shirts by hand on a restored Singer 221. Two years later we are ready to share the first phase of our vision with you.

The shirts we had encountered were either too tight-fitting which caused it to be too restricting to movement, too short at the tail which caused them to come un-tucked easily, or the collars were flimsy which caused them to collapse and be less impressive. 

The problem is that the right blend of details does not exist in a ready-to-wear shirt:

  • A tall, curved collar band
  • Double-button closure
  • Long collar points
  • High armholes
  • Sleeves cut for full movement
  • A classic-length tail 
  • Fabric and colors befitting any situation

Sebastian Ward’s mission is to make accessible a wardrobe that is as elegant as it is functional.

We look forward to serving you in this aim.